IQOS 3 Multi

  • $129.99

For Ultra IQOS Enthusiasts

- LIMITED QUANTITIES while supplies last
- Immediate shipping: 3-5 business days delivery


mHS Review*:  10 sessions before needing to recharge.  Sleek design - looks and feels slick.  Sufficient for a short outing.  Note that the regular IQOS 3 Kit is a better product for a full day use.  Each session of the Multi is also not as satisfying as the regular IQOS 3 kit and there's a need to recharge much more frequently.  We will ship this product immediately nevertheless (in a 5 day delivery), please note that this product we feel can only be a complimentary to the regular IQOS 3 kit, the main device.  Reminder: all sales final.

*Please note this is only a user review of the product.  mHS has no affiliation with the original manufacturer of this product.